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Flatbed IEF System (Flatbed IEF system for IEF strips and gels)

Ürün Ölçü Fiyat TL Miktar
Flatbed IEF System (Flatbed IEF system for IEF strips and gels)
1 Set 4950 USD
+%18 KDV
122.661,00 TL

Product Description

The flatbed IEF system has been designed to perform all flat bed IEF techniques, including wick-based electrophoresis with horizontal and hand-cast IEF gels, and focusing with IPG strips. The unit includes a large cooling platform which offers increased strip capacity and active gel area. Uniform cooling of the platform is achieved using a large ceramic plate that may be connected to any standard chiller via quick-fit connecters for enhanced gel or strip cooling. An optional rehydration tray is also available for overnight rehydration of up to twelve IPG strips before use.

  • For IPG strip and IEF gel applications
  • Large cooling platform area
  • Pick and place easy to position electrodes
  • Grid for accurate electrode alignment
  • Rehydration tray also available

Cat. No.  MIEF  Max.

Strip Length  260 mm  Max. Gel Dimension  260 x 260 mm  Unit Dimension (W x D x H)  550 x 350 x 100 mm

Ürün Ölçü Fiyat TL Miktar