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Gradient PCR, SuperCycler


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Gradient PCR, SuperCycler
1 Adet 2774 USD
+%20 KDV
126.494,40 TL

Thermal Cycling System
High performance active heating and cooling using quality Peltier elements x 8 & precision sensors x 4
 Temperature Range
Temperature Accuracy
±0.25°C of set temperature, 1 minute after target
Temperature Uniformity
±0.5°C, 30 seconds after target
Temperature Resolution
0.1°C increments
Heating / Cooling Rate
3°C/sec maximum(block)
Well Configuration
96-Well block supporting : 0.2 mL tubes or strip tubes with flat or domed caps;
96-well high-or lowskirt plates with strip caps, adhesive cover, or oil overlay
Linear thermal gradient
Programmable 0–20°C across block width(12 wells)
Condensation control
Automatic utilising applied pressure heated lid
Heated Lid Temperature Range
Controllable 60°C–110°C
Dimensions & Weight
W180mm(7”) D 285mm(11.2”); 350mm(13.8”) including cables H 190mm(7.5”) lid closed(340mm (13.4”) lid open)
5.5kg(11 lbs)
External Conectivity Interface
USB1.1 interface to Windows XP / Vista based PC
Internal Interface(optional) Software
USB host port - File tr ansfer to & from USB memory stick - mouse / keyboard connection - printer *(future software release)
Embedded graphical controller with 7” widescreen touch sensitive color backlit display
Supplied with unlimited user license.
Free upgrades available via web download.
Touchdown/up, long-range, linear thermal gradient, program pauses, temperature graphing, temperature logging(PC only), User accounts, Profile load & saving, Manual mode, USB file transfer.

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