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Midi Gel Dryer (Jel Kurutma)

Ürün Ölçü Fiyat TL Miktar
Midi Gel Dryer (Jel Kurutma) 21 x 31cm (Pompa Hariçtir)
1 Adet 3000 USD
+%18 KDV
74.340,00 TL
Midi Gel Dryer (Jel Kurutma) 35 x 45cm (Pompa Hariçtir)
1 Adet 3945 USD
+%18 KDV
97.757,10 TL
Product Description

The microprocessor of the Midi Gel Dryer controls temperature from ambient +5ºC to 90ºC with a timer from 0 to 999 minutes to heat gels from the base plate while connected to a vacuum pump to remove the moisture and dry gels homogeneously. The surrounding groove design and sealing silicon rubber mask ensure optimal sealing when connecting to a vacuum pump.

  • Drying Area (L x W): 8.27" x 12.20" (210 x 310 mm) or 13.78" x 17.72" (350 x 450 mm)

  • Microprocessor for temperature control

  • User temperature calibration

  • Timer with alarm

  • 2 digital LED displays



Cat. No. MG-2131 MG-3545
Drying Area 8.27" x 12.20"
(210 x 310mm)
13.78" x 17.72"
(350 x 450mm)
 Display Two of 4 digital LED
 Control Digital Microprocessor controller
 Temperature Control Range Ambient to 90゚ C
 Temperature Increment 0.1゚ C
 Temperature Uniformity at 37゚C within 0.2゚ C
 Temperature Calibration Yes
 Timer 0 ~ 999 mins
 Operating Temperature Ambient to 40゚C
 Weight Approx. 19.8 lb (9.0 kg) Approx. 33 lb (5.0 kg)


Ürün Ölçü Fiyat TL Miktar