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MV-20DSYS Complete Maxi Vertical Gel Electrophoresis (MAXİ DİKEY ELEKTROFOREZ SİSTEMİ)

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(MAXİ DİKEY ELEKTROFOREZ SİSTEMİ) MV20 WAVE Maxi, 20 x 20cm Dual, 2 sets of Glass Plates, 1mm thick bonded spacers, 2x 24 sample, 1mm thick combs, cooling coil, dummy plate and casting base (IPG Stripler ile kullanıma uygundur)
1 Set 3735 USD
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92.553,30 TL
(MAXİ DİKEY ELEKTROFOREZ SİSTEMİ) Complete Maxi Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Maxi 20 x 20 cm Dual, 2 sets of Glass plates with 1mm thick bonded spacer, 2 x 24 sample , 1mm thick combs, cooling pack, dummy plate and casting base
1 Set 3735 USD
+%18 KDV
92.553,30 TL

Product Description

Maxi Vertical is designed for higher resolution of samples over a long distance for high resolution separations of complex sample bands. Its plate dimension is 20 x 20cm. Dual gaskets on the gel running insert along with notched and plain glass plates ensure leak proof gel running. Its vertical tank can be used for blotting. 4mm thick glass plates reduce breakage and have bonded spacers for added convenience. A wide range of accessories is available allowing many techniques to be performed using the same unit.


  • Low buffer consumption

  • Single molded tank

  • Up to 4 gels run at one time

  • Great indications for gel making and running

  • Ice cooling pack

  • Easy gel casting and no gel leakage

  • Competitive pricing


Cat. No.  MV-20DSYS
 Unit Dimension (W x L x H)  260 x 160 x 280mm
 Plate Dimension (W x L)  200 x 200mm
 Gel Dimension (W x L)  160 x 175mm
 Maximum Sample  192 samples, 48 samples per gel
 Buffer Volume  1200 ~ 5600ml
 Ice cooling Pack  Yes
 Dummy plate and Casting Base  Yes
 Construction   Injection molded construction
 Durable, leak proof environment for complete safety and long life
 Electrical safety   Lid can only be fastened in one way
 On removal, power is disconnected from buffer chamber
 Rapid Casting Gel  Use casting dams




  • More gels- run 2 to 4 gels simultaneously in standard 2-gel WAVE and 4-gel WAVE TETRAD systems
  • Customize your system- for second-dimension runs with 18 cm IPG strips and gels using the IEF conversion kit
  • Utilize modular inserts- with the same universal tanka nd lid to extend theapplication of your standard WAVE unit to create a complete 2-D or blotting system.
  • Vertical screw-clamps distribute pressure evenly along the height of the gel to prevent plate bowing and gel compression
  • Glass plates compress gently against a flat, level gasket to prevent current leakage from the inner buffer chamber during electrophoresis
  • Detachable inner cooling coil connects to the laboratory water supply or a recirculating chiller to provide uniform, smile-free electrophoresis, while allowing runs to be performed at higher voltage
  • Deep gel tank with adequate clearance beneath the glass plates to allow a magnetic stirrer to maintain buffer recirculation and uniform pH
  • Dual purpose PAGE insert eliminates time-consuming transfer of glass plates between separate casting and running modules
  • Ground glass plates with bonded injection moulded spacers consistent with comb thickness ensure "clean" well formation, as well as the correct alignment for leak-free casting; also eliminate the need for easily mislaid and awkward to use spacer aligners
  • Ultra-soft silicone mat within cam-caster compensates for glass plate misalignment to ensure leak-free casting
  • Widest selection of combs allow separation of up to 192 samples
  • Asymmetric lid design and colour-coded screw pins in PAGE insert prevent polarity reversal
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Extra Spacers 0,75/1/1,5mm
2 Ad/pk 145 USD
+%18 KDV
3.593,10 TL
Extra Comb 0,75/1/1,5mm (Ekstra Tarak Çeşitleri)
1 Adet 150 USD
+%18 KDV
3.717,00 TL
20x20cm Extra Notched Glass Plates 4mm thick
2 Ad/pk 300 USD
+%18 KDV
7.434,00 TL
MV20 WAVE External Casting Stand (No Casting Base / Casting Base hariçtir)
1 adet 975 USD
+%18 KDV
24.160,50 TL