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Random Hexamer Primers


Ürün Ölçü Fiyat TL Miktar
Random Hexamer Primers
20 μg 40 EUR
+%20 KDV
1.968,00 TL


Random Hexamer Primer is a mixture of single-stranded random
hexonucleotides with 5' and 3' – hydroxyl ends. Random Hexamer
Primers are used for priming single-stranded DNA or RNA by DNA
polymerases or reverse transcriptases.
Primer sequence:
5'- d (NNNNNN) – 3'
N=G, A, T, C
500 ng/μl, 250 μM, 025 nmol/μl.
• cDNA synthesis using reverse transcriptase with RNA template*;
• in situ hybridization, Southern, Nothern probe synthesis (1);
• DNA synthesis using Klenow fragment with DNA template;
• radiolabeling of DNA probe (2).
*Note: for reverse transcription use 100-300 ng per 20 μl reaction.
Quality Control:
Assayed for nucleases and non specific RNA and DNA contamination.
1. Fisk, F.Z and Hodgson, C.P (1987) Nucl. Acid Res., 15, 6295.
2. Feinberg, A.P. and Vogalstein, B. (1983) Analytical Biochem. 132, 6-13.
Ürün Ölçü Fiyat TL Miktar