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RepeatOne® Dispenser (Tekrarlayıcı Pipet)


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RepeatOne® Dispenser (Tekrarlayıcı Otomatik Pipet) (Katalog Ürünüdür)
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RepeatOne® is a hand-held device for repetitive and rapid dispensing of volumes 10µl up to 5ml. Up to 48 pipettings of the same sample can be made without refilling, resulting in a considerable reduction in time and expense. RepeatOne® allows the selection of five separate volumes from each TipOne® Repeat Dispenser Tip.


  • Up to 48 dispenses from the same sample
  • Locking clamp holds the dispenser tip securely in place
  • Conforms to EN ISO 8655, ASTM E1154-89 and 98/79/EEC IVD
  • 2-year warranty
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25 ve 50ml Uçlar için adaptör (Katalog Ürünüdür)
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