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Universal Infinity Optics System Inverted Microscopes

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Biyolojik Inverted Mikroskop (Trinocular, INFINITY optics, Bright field and Phase Contrast Inverted Biological Microscope, KATALOG ÜRÜNÜDÜR)
1 Adet 6402 USD
+%8 KDV
55.313,28 TL
Trinocular, INFINITY Optics, Phase Contrast Inverted Biological Microscope
1 Adet 8550 USD
+%8 KDV
73.872,00 TL
Inverted Floresan Mikroskop (Trinocular Fluorescence Inverted Biological Microscope (B/G filters, XY stage), KATALOG ÜRÜNÜDÜR)
1 Adet 13455 USD
+%8 KDV
116.251,20 TL

Inverted biological Microscope INV100 is the optimal choice for microBiological and Biological. Infinity correctd Plan-achromatic objectives deliver always
excellent and contrasted images, the 10x/22 eyepieces allow exploring of a wide area of the specimen, while the high working distance of the condenser allows
a comfortable and pratic use. A stable stand structure, phase contrast objectives, Trinocular tube and a large stage make this microscope an excellent choice for
viewing living cell and tissue.

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