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Major Cycler (Thermal Cycler) 25 x0,2ml Tüp Kapasiteli PCR

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Major Cycler (Thermal Cycler) 25 x0,2ml Tüp Kapasiteli PCR
1 Adet 5450 USD
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180.068,00 TL
Product Character

Major Cycler is an automated instrument designed for application in Hot Start thermal cycling reactions. Also major Cycler contains a RT program function, it is simple and convenient to run one-step RT by combining the RT program with a stored amplification reaction. Another feature of Major Cycler is the flexible program editing, which allows researchers to set up an amplification program containing different temperature ramping conditions within individual loops. Major Cycler also offers the flexibility to create an advanced amplification program which could increase/decrease temperatures and hold time for an assigned step from cycle to cycle. The small size and competitive pricing make it suitable for a personal instrument ownership.

  • Microprocessor control with digital performance

  • Wide temperature control range and great temperature controlled performance

  • LCD display

  • Self pressure adjusting heating lid

  • User friendly and powerful program performance

  • RT program

  • Link up to 5 loops for one program

  • Up to 9 steps for each loop

  • Up to 99 cycles for each program


Cat. No.  CYCLER-25
 Sample Capacity  25 (5 x 5) x 0.2ml tube
 Temperature Control Range  4°C to 110°C
 Lid temperature Control  Range  ambient +5°C to 110°C
 Block Homogeneity  20°C to 72°C < + 0.3°C
 Control Accuracy  +0.2°C
 Heating Rate  approx. 3°C / s
 Cooling Rate  approx. 3°C / s
 Display  2.5" LCD
 Program        Reverse transcription program
 Link program: multi-loop available; up to 5
 Step per Loop: up to 9
 Cycle number: up to 99
 Program storage: up to 100
 Increment and decrement temperataure per step on each cycle
 Increment and decrement time per step on each cycle
 Rated Voltages  110V / 220V selectable
 Unit Dimension  W200 x L320.5 x H190 mm
 Weight  approx. 8.6 kg

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